Sustainable Seattle

Sustainable Seattle (S2) is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainability in the Central Puget Sound. 

Business Program Models

S2 wanted to expand their reach to businesses around the Greater Seattle area. The goal was to educate companies about the environmental and social issues in their community and compel them to operate their businesses in an ethical way. To do so, I created three different Business Program models: Executive Education, Membership Program, Fellowship Program. I came up with these types of models based on their goals and successful programs I’ve researched. Moreover, I spoke with 2 of my mentors, who have created similar programs, to hear some suggestions. commerce in an ethical and sustainable manner. The report caught the attention of William Hernandez, the Executive Director of the Center, which led to my employment.

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Sponsorship Packet

I was tasked to create a Sponsorship Packet by auditing their current Sponsorship materials to identify areas where they can make an even more compelling case for support. I created visual designs that aligned with their new modern brand and made the content easier to understand by condensing the content to a one page table. Since it was my first time creating a Sponsorship Packet, I reached out to 8 organizations for their advice and looked at dozens of packets online. Because I was working remotely, I created a shared document to share ideas, scheduled video calls, and emailed in a timely manner. Thank goodness for Google Suite!

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