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I was born and raised in California by my two parents who immigrated from South Korea. (My dad’s family were rice farmers and my mom’s family were rice sellers.) I’m a self-starter who doesn’t mind tedious, grueling work if I truly believe in the cause. Most of the work I’ve done started from seeing a problem and wanting to solve it without anyone telling me to. My big goal in life is to end suffering, or at least alleviate some of it. More specifically, I want to build a sustainable future by making institutions socially, environmentally, and fiscally responsible through systemic change. I learned that a lot of problems are caused by poor management, unawareness, and lack of creativity. To avoid making these mistakes, I constantly seek different perspectives, knowledge, and methods. I want to be part of a team that resolve real issues without causing more. 

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Music i like

I make music with my singer-guitarist friend, Yechan Song. Here’s our most recent one, Wasted Time. 

My favorite song is Hey Mama which is about how much Kanye loves his Mama.

Favorites From My Book Club

websites I like to browse

Explains ideas debated in culture with visual essays

Teaches complex systems via online games & simulations

Community art project in which people mail their secrets

Shows big picture economics through data-driven visuals

Some more stuff